I have started writing this article without knowing what I have to write. Sometimes you have so much in your mind but still your heart makes you confuse, the same old thing which is permanent STRUGGLE between MIND and HEART. So let’s see what will I pen down. Around us lots of things happen and I suppose in each phase of our age life changes and give us some teachings and lessons !! But how do we take it? Is a big question. Through my experience life is awesome and precious, and it is not always you will have the sweet in your hand, you will have sour also and that’s the life. In your meal if you have sweet and sour you enjoy it, and the same goes with your life if you have both it will be adventurous otherwise it will be montonous. But we don’t think that way. We should take life as it comes to us by giving it a warm welcome, but on other hand what we do when it comes in positive way we take it and if it comes in a negative way we start cursing it, and it is unhealthy for us only.

Half of the time we are busy in earning, so stressed that we don’t see the beautiful things around us, we just crib for the things we don’t have and this becomes one of the major reason that people do not feel happy. I remember when I used to be in school and college, I used to go out in evenings and play a lot but nowadays kids just don’t wanna go out to play as they are digital generation. Being always available on social media becomes a reason for stress to them, and hey, I am not saying they see only negative things. They are more intelligent than we were but not consuming there time in right manner. It’s just not about the younger ones people of our age 40+ are also becoming digital humans so how can we correct the young ones. We all have forgotten that when this internet was not there how people use to spend their times visiting each other, playing together with friends, spending time with each other, as a result at that time people were not having negative thinking they were happy even if they were not earning more but now it’s totally opposite people have more earnings and less positivity.

It is also 💯 true that living a lifestyle without the modern gadgets, sounds quite a hard life to accomplish. Technology is good but it has also brought people to a height of extreme convenience where we easily forget our roots of simplicity. As I am talking about the stress in today’s life and comparing to the older times I thought of some points.

Old generation were blessed to breathe a cleaner air and enjoy more beautiful and eye-soothing beauty of nature . No T.V, no Internet, hence more time to spend with family, more fun, more issues discussed. Better unity in family. Thus, joint families thrived. Outdoor games dominated. “I tell my childern that even in scorching summer afternoons, we were dragged indoors forcefully.” Such was the craze for outdoors. This kept us more physically fit and healthy.

At the end I would like to conclude seek joy, play often, and pursue adventure. Your brain will do the rest of the work.

Sailing through 2020

Hello Readers, it’s been months since we interacted through my feelings which I try to pen down. So finally I am here to pen down my thoughts again. As we know in this time all of us are struggling in one or the other way. And due to this people are burdened by stress which is affecting our brains in an unimaginable way, we are somewhere not aware about this, and even if we are we don’t know what to do about it. It’s a natural feeling whether it’s about experiencing isolation, stress, dilemma or any form of uncertainty in this hard time, and trust me everyone is walking the same path as you. I realised sometime ago that people around the ones who are struggling in a much drastic way also struggle.

We have heard so much of negative things during this lockdown, people going in depression and some of them who are unable to handle the depression are ending their lives which is not acceptable. We all have to think that we are not the one who is going through this, but all of us are going through same phase. And it is for our betterment, it’s not that this lockdown has given depression, it has improved the relationships which everyone of us were leaving back whatever may be the reason from busy lifestyles to spending time over phones instead of bonding with each other. Majority of us were stuck at homes with our loved ones ❤️ getting the chance to spend time with each other. In this way Corona has given us so much of lessons.

Those living with family were blessed as they were surrounded by the people they loved in front of their eyes, doing all the household work together, spending time by playing indoor games,watching favourite shows, and cooking together, which we all had forgotten. On other side people who could not be there with their loved ones and were staying alone just imagine the state of mind they must have been going, depression, emotional breakdown, it’s natural but we should not let this negativity to overpower us. They are like poison which spreads in our life slowly, so to avoid this kind of poison we need a medicine call positivity which is very difficult to take in but very necessary to save our mind from that insect called negativity. The different way in which we can choose to adapt a positive mindset are YOGA, MEDITATION, EXERCISE, and most importantly when ever anyone of us is feeling low we should just grab those cellphones of ours and make a call to our family, closed ones and open up with them. I know some of you will read and say it is easy to give lesson and difficult to implement it. Nobody likes to live like this, that’s what I am trying to say as I also go through this sometimes and it is really poisoning our lives and pulling us deeper into the sorrows that we carry around.

Just tried to write what came in my mind after seeing the things happening around us, thought to pen down my thoughts and can help in a very little way. SO PLEASE OPEN UP, TALK with your friends and family.

Understanding Feminism

Feminism is defined as the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. The goal of feminism is to challenge the systemic inequalities women face on a daily basis. Actually nobody knows what is the actual meaning of feminism!!! Feminism doesn’t mean only women rights rather it means men and women being equally treated. But some of us takes feminism to another level. It’s important to understand what is it and what it actually means.

variation in thoughts and state of mind is visible as millions of people still think that there should not be equal rights for men and women! The ones who are not in the favour mostly consists of people with views based on their old traditions/practices/rituals, witnessing things from time back, or some with major egos in themselves. They don’t support the idea inwardly or outwardly, it’s not that they are not developing. They are but still some mindsets that can’t be changed. On other side there are thousands of people who feel we’ve already arrived at equality for men and women. So we just have to understand the exact meaning of feminism, as we see higher society there the women who think being modern is being feminist and the defination for them is drinking and smoking, i don’t say this is wrong but just by doing this you can’t be feminist.

Feminism is about equality of men and women, not “sameness.” So many people offer up the argument that women are not the “same” as men so there can’t be equality. In other words, because their bodies are different (many say “weaker” and smaller), and because men and women have different physical capabilities, these physical differences mean equality is not possible. Sometimes women uses feminism as a playcard/ victim as in selfish mode which is not right. It’s abundantly clear that our specific views on these issues are rooted deeply in our own personal and direct experiences, rather than on any data, (In other words, if we’ve personally faced discrimination, we know beyond doubt that it exists. But if we haven’t faced it ourselves, we often doubt that it happens.) We have to understand the actual meaning of feminism and i know its complicated like us (humans) .

  1. The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
  2. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.
  3. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
  4. The social, political and other rights should be equal than to men.

It can’t be understood in one article neither i have capabilities to do its just a thought csme to my mind so read it fewer articles and penned it down and in end just wanna say many people fear that feminism will bring about negative shifts in relationships, marriage, society, culture, power and authority dynamics, and in business, job and economic opportunities if and when women are on an equal footing with men.

Thought process of a “Housewives”

Hi All,
It’s been a long time since we last interacted.
I know it took me long to write again but I was really contemplating on the topic I am about to discuss.

I think this is that *ONE* thing which everyone gives a thought about but avoids discussing it. *Housewife or Homemaker!* What’s the difference between the two? You all will think that there is no difference but to my thinking and research there is!

Housewife by a word relates to a wife of a house, you all will be laughing on this but just give it a thought. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a housewife is a married woman, whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.

The other contemporary word
of housewife is homemaker and I think it adds more dignity and respect to women as its all also true that word homemaker would not add more responsibilities and would not change the work of handling house chores. Normally people think its nothing to do, but a women gives everything to make a “house” in a “home”, does anyone at home knows what thought process is going in her mind !

Most of the housewives struggle with negative thoughts, as they think they are just sitting at home and not doing anything, because mostly men say to their spouse what you were doing all the day? Just sitting? We have to work all the day so they start thinking as on real we are doing anything. They have to just sit and give a thought that they are handling things or managing the house which is mostly difficult work, but it doesn’t work generally. The more you can practice focusing on your strengths and not dwelling on mistakes you think you have made, the easier it will be to feel positive about yourself and the direction your life is taking. Not only negative thoughts we are talking its just so many things, about childern, husband and its not that these things doesn’t come in mind of working women. It’s just that they go out and see things from different perspectives too . There is emptiness in most of the woman who stays at home.

Now whether a woman should work or stay at home, should be a personal choice and forcing upon her to do either way is unfair. Most women get bored by doing the same routine daily but housewife should be self satisfied and happy by doing the responsibilities.


What is BEAUTY? It’s easy to tell the definition of this: An outer appearance, attractive personality, or fair color. A person with a beautiful appearance captures the attention of people everywhere. If God has given you pretty face you will be the centre of attraction and it is 💯 true. Now a times people with beautiful face according to predefined scientific definitions are appreciated more. I am not saying that people who are beautiful don’t deserve to be appreciated, of course because people who are beautiful needs a praise. But it is also wrong to judge a person by the color of his skin. A person with unimpressive or average look can be much better human being than a beautifully structured physique. So by my opinion beauty doesn’t mean physically, it means beauty of a soul and having a pure heart . It leads to the fact that beauty is just not physical beauty, it has to be inside from heart.

Beauty lies in the heart and thinking of a person, it lies how the other person treats, or respect. If he/she is awesome looking but not respecting others treating them like a tissue paper so what is the need of that physical beauty as from outer you are white with a black heart, in my opinion not worth praising. So real beauty lies in the temperament of one’s nature. You are beautiful to the world if you are helping and standing with person who needs the most when struggling through hardships of life. If you respect a person without seeing the bank balance, physical appearance and you talk to them politely it’s deserved to be called beautiful. Basically beauty lies in the Character and goodness in you. Only humble and Noble person can steal your heart. Inner beauty can gain you lots of friends, I don’t deny that people will remember how good looking you are but more to this they remember how good you by heart.

The perfect example of this is a husband and wife relationship, a successful marriage depends on the mutual understanding and if there is no understanding it will not last, it depends on how compatible you are. Love doesn’t depend on how good looking or how beautiful you are, that’s why now a days we are hearing about broken marriages because today’s generation is just about physical beauty and are very quick in making decisions, they don’t see how compatible you are with each other. Whatever is true is beautiful or in other words, however bitter or harsh reality may be, it is always beautiful. From my understanding beauty lies in confidence, appreciating and loving yourself, beauty of a woman doesn’t mean from outside it is her inner soul and how she thinks, how independent she is.

Sorrows and hardships cannot be separated from the beauty, if you have the courage to face the hardships of life then you are beautiful, if you have understanding towards poor you are beautiful more than beautiful looking person.



This is the question which we can’t answer truly, or we even don’t ask because we think we are happy.

What it really means to be happy? Happiness is like other emotions, it’s not something we obtain but it is a feeling we inhabit. When we are angry we do weird things. For instance we start throwing things or abusing other person at that very moment. We never think “AM I REALLY ANGRY“, or “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT“, we choose to live in anger. Just as a confident man doesn’t wonder if he’s confident, a happy man does not wonder if he’s happy because he simply is. And nowadays, happiness is depending on materialistic things, is these things really makes one happy? Then sometimes why we see unprivileged people are happy in spite of having so much crisis, struggles if they get proper meal for themselves or even for their children they are happy!
When most people seek happiness, they are actually seeking pleasure: good food, more time for TV and movies, a new car, parties with friends, full body massages, losing weight becoming more popular, and so on, and now days most of happiness is dependent on social media like how many followers do we have on Instagram, how many likes on faebook. Again same question rises, do these things really matter to be happy. People often correlate happiness with pleasure but these two are different as pleasure is can also be defined in negative way while speaking of a drug addict. He might be happy experiencing it’s affects. That is a poison but is he really happy “NO” and we can see and witness that seeing him suffer the after affects of it, but it’s just his mind that makes him thinks he is happy. Pleasure is false, people who focus their energy on materialistic and superficial things end up more anxious, more emotionally unstable and less happy in the long-run.

Happiness is only something which you can earn for yourself, and it is not one time it can be with us lifetime but we have to put little efforts to maintain it, you need to practice certain things daily in order to achieve this. If you are looking for happiness from inside you need to involve your family and friends as people now days suffering from depression they don’t involve friends and family members in their problems or secret and this is wrong! The most important thing is to look within to find true happiness but it is equally important to surround yourself with positive people. Happiness is a state of joy, if you train your brain it will stay like this as we know what we say our brain it follows it’s just we have to get focused on it.

It is not very simple, one has to experience happiness time to time it can take months or even years to make last.

As per studies happiness can stay lifetime with you if you focus on these things:

a) Be content

b) Be positive

c) Live in present

d) Surround yourself with positive people

e) Be thankful

It is easy to get carried away by negative thoughts. However, you must always remind yourself of the good times and all the things you should be thankful about. This is a good way to shift your mood from negative to positive.


As in my previous article I tried to explain about “Life” that how to deal with it, as I thought more about it went deep inside it. It’s really excited when you want to know about something deeply from your heart you go and research from every possible sources, as we know there is no life without struggles and problems and these things come in every phase or stage of life. Yes there are stages of life the difference is every stage of life has different problems and solutions, there are many stages of life and we are all aware of it.
The major stages of the human life cycle include infancy, the toddler years, childhood, puberty, older adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and the senior years. Proper nutrition and health care is needed in every stage of life so that we can get ready to deal with problems and struggles which come in between. As per Hindu concepts these stages are called “ASHRAMAS”. The four ashramas are: Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciate). I know in this modern world these things are left behind, 90% of young generation must not be knowing about Hindu concepts, I said 90% that means 10% are still there who believe in this concept and follow it.

These four “ASHRAMAS” are same as what we say today :

  • Stage I: Play, Imitation and Education. Birth – Infancy – Childhood – Adolescence.
  • Stage II: Self-Discovery, Enterprise & Adventurousness. Adolescence – Early Adulthood – Adulthood.
  • Stage III: Dedication, Contemplation & Benevolence. …
  • Stage IV: Retirement, Wisdom & Renunciation.

As deep we go in these things there are endless, really curious to know them all. In this busy world we all don’t get time for to read or think about all this, as I studied further from modern point of view was really surprised as these have different names:





You all must be thinking what’s the importance or point of these stages, developing through each subsequent stage of life grants us greater control over our happiness and well-being. So my next articles will be about how these stages go and how we deal our life with more confidence.


Hello Readers,

Generally when we ask people “HOW IS LIFE” or “WHAT IS LIFE” we get that one typical answer that “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” indeed life is beautiful but do we actually understand the meaning of “LIFE”?

Life is beautiful no doubt but at the same time not easy there are problems too, and we have challenge to face them with courage by letting the beauty of life to act as a medicine by which pain becomes bearable during hard times by giving us hope. Life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and on other side it has misery, defeat, failures and problems. There is nobody on this Earth who hasn’t gone through problems like failure and struggle, whether he is strong, powerful, rich, poor, wise and unwise, but every moment should be celebration of being alive. On the other side one should be always ready to face any challenges. A person who has not gone through these challenges or encounter these difficulties have never seen the path of success.

Difficulties test the courage, patience, and true character of a human being. Hardships and challenges make the person strong and make them ready to face the world and to reach the success, life is not just bunch of roses it has thorns in them and we should accept them as we accept the beautiful side of life.
Those, who are under the impression that life is a bed of roses soon awake from the dream and become the victims of depression and frustration. One who faces difficulties with courage and accepts success without letting it go is the one who experience real happiness, and peace in life. Those who think, that good times last forever, easily come in pressure during difficulties, they do not put so much of hard work and efforts because they break down easily. Like a road life also has turns, ups and downs we just want to know which is right turn we have to take to reach the destination and no matter how much difficulty we have to face.

We must appreciate the good in our life and express for the same. Many people are not happy with the way things go on in their lives. They criticize almost everything and everyone around and have a negative approach. There are so many things that they should be thankful, they are in good health is a reason to be thankful for, the other thing that they are able and can work hard and make their life better, they must appreciate what they have and be thankful for it. Everything they can have, just need a patience and courage. God has given us a chance to live and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Life is a valuable and precious gift and we must all value it. We must express gratitude and stay positive to make the most of this gift given to us. We must also value the lives of those around us.


As in my previous article “PARENTING: BIG CHALLENGE” told you that there are different styles of parenting which we follow but without knowing them. So I made a little effort and studied more to increase my knowledge and thought of sharing it with you.

a. Authoritarian Parenting
b. Authoritative Parenting
c. Permissive Parenting
d. Uninvolved

Authoritarian Parenting: Authoritarian parents are famous for saying, “Because I said so,” when a child questions the reasons behind a rule. They are not interested in any kind of compromise and their focus is how children can become obedient, whether it right or wrong, they also don’t allow kids to get involved in problem-solving challenges or obstacles, they make their own rules and enforce the consequences with little regard for a child’s opinion. Authoritarian parents may use punishments instead of discipline. So rather than teach a child how to make better choices, they’re invested in making kids feel sorry for their mistakes. If some of you doing this can know the name and may be change to other ways as it is not the right way.

Authoritative Parenting: Authoritative parents have rules and they use consequences, but they also take their children’s opinions into account. They value their children’s feelings, while also making it clear that the they are ultimately in charge. Children raised with authoritative discipline tend to be happy and successful. They’re also more likely to be good at making decisions and evaluating safety risks on their own.

Permissive Parenting : Permissive parents usually take on more of a friend role than a parent role. They often encourage their children to talk with them about their problems, but they generally don’t put much effort into discouraging poor choices or bad behavior. Kids who grow up with this style are more likely to struggle academically. They may exhibit more behavioral problems as they don’t like authority and rules. They often have low self-esteem and may report a lot of sadness.

Uninvolved parenting: Uninvolved parents expect children to raise themselves. They don’t devote much time or energy into meeting children’s basic needs. These parents may be neglectful but it’s not always intentional. A parent with mental health issues or substance abuse problems, for example, may not be able to care for a child’s physical or emotional needs on a consistent basis. Children with uninvolved parents are likely to struggle with self-esteem issues. They tend to perform poorly in school. They also exhibit frequent behavior problems and rank low in happiness.


Hello readers, I am back with my favourite topic. After my blog “ROLE OF A PARENT”, I now thought that it’s a responsibility and an challenging act infact. Parenting style has an extreme effect on every aspect child development. You all must be thinking what is there about parenting that is so less talked about and yet so complex and important. Though its a simple thing which can be practiced, but trust me its most important thing as it depends on a child’s future so it’s an major exam of our life, which every parents wans to pass it with distinction, as for this exam there is no compartment. When if you fail it is also the failure of your child.

Together we can learn and study so that there can be no scope of failure. As I was going through some books, I was surprised that there were different styles of parenting. I thought “STYLESReally? But as going through it I was shocked and surprised as we all raise our childern in same way somehow and I suppose it might be a little different as state of minds are different but all in all leads to a one similar STYLE!

As per my reading and knowledge I came to know there are 4 styles :
a. Authoritarian Parenting
b. Authoritative Parenting
c. Permissive Parenting
d. Uninvolved
I haven’t heard any of it before. I may be indulging in one of this style but I didn’t knew the STYLE it represented! The famous saying of SHAKESPEARE ‘What’s in the name?’ is as good as to be followed as long as we are following right procedure or path to develop our childern socially and mentally. I am just sharing my views. Since parenting can’t be done by reading articles, it is not essay. It’s a hard work which we all do according to our knowledge and experiences. Yes we can always read and improve our ways.

So I just wanted to share my information which I am studying just to overcome my curiosity and I will soon be back with it on continuation!

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